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You've given me, Lord, the gift of WORDS, allowing me to give voice to the journey... from darkness to light... from death to re-birth... from despair to HOPE!
THANK YOU... for this gift and for the journey!!

Monday, October 12, 2015


photographer unknown
photographer unknown

According to Wikipedia, Kintsugi (“golden joinery”) or Kintsukuroi (“golden repair”) is “the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum.”  In essence, this form of repair does not seek to hide the damage that has been done.  It highlights it as part of the object’s history.  It is the flaw or imperfection that now makes the objectbeautiful!
If something gets damaged, my husband will often say, “Gives it character!”  As I consider this beautiful Japanese art form, I think I now understand what he means by that.
I’ve heard it said that after a bone is broken, the bone will actually be strongestat the point where the break heals.
I can’t help but think of what God does in us.  We are broken.  We are wounded.  But…  If we allow God to heal those wounds, we are strongest at the point of that healing.  We shine the brightest from those places where once there was only darkness.
Praised be Jesus Christ!

picking up the pieces

As I walked up the meditation trail today, trying so hard to quiet the noise of this world and prepare for Confession, I found myself thinking about the broken pieces of my life.  For a moment, I thought, "Dear God, why is it that every time I try to pick up the pieces and fix things, I only manage to cut myself again?"  

God didn't miss a beat.  In that instant, it was as if I heard Him say, "So leave them there and let me..."

Praised be Jesus Christ!!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Setting boundaries

We are a home schooling family.

My husband taught last year, but now that the move to our new house is complete and he has a new, full-time job, I am blessed to be at home teaching for the first time.

Hubby actually began his new job in May, so I taught the last month of 1st grade and the first month of 2nd grade is now drawing to a close.

With these couple of months under my belt, I can now say without a doubt that I have a newfound respect for my husband and all that he did last year.

Over the past year and a half, our lives have truly been turned upside down more than once.  From a life-changing journey to Lourdes, France, to bringing home a little boy after 10+ years of primary infertility to moving across the state...  SO much has changed.

As this crazy life continues to unfold, I've begun to learn more and more about the importance of setting clear, healthy boundaries in our lives.  I've already considered this in many areas, such as my health and relationship to my husband and extended family.  We have tried to set and keep healthy boundaries in our son's life.  Now, as difficulties with the adoption overshadow us, I realize that clearer boundaries must be set in another area as well...  School.

Bottom line...  I am fed up with the phone ringing in the middle of a school day, only to find myself tied up for an hour or more at a time with case workers, lawyers and the like.  I am tired of checking my e-mail to find that a case worker is requesting still more information that, quite frankly (considering the dynamics of the situation right now), makes me feel as if our little family has been placed quite squarely under a microscope.  This must STOP!

To that end, beginning tomorrow, I am setting new boundaries...
  1. After our morning Pledge of Allegiance and prayer, the house phone will be put away in a back room.  My husband (and our social worker) already know that, in an emergency, they can contact me on my cell phone, which I will set to vibrate only.  The house phone will not make a reappearance until after school (figure 3:00 pm).
  2. I will check e-mails once each day, over the lunch hour.  If a message is urgent, I will reply right away that afternoon.  If not, a response can wait until evening.
  3. With all of the excess energy caused by the adoption chaos, the local health club will become a more regular part of our home school day.  Whether chasing a soccer ball, tumbling in gymnastics or swimming an extra hour, I will be building in time to "get the wiggles out" and, I hope, better help our son to de-stress.
Finally (and this is something I've tried to do since the day he came home), my plan is to listen.  I want to truly hear our son and structure his days in a way that both help him to learn and bring him as much peace as possible.

There are difficult days ahead, but we continue on in HOPE, trusting Our Lord.  He's got this.

Praised be Jesus Christ!!

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When I look into the future, I am frightened,
But why plunge into the future?
Only the present moment is precious to me,
As the future may never enter my soul at all.

It is no longer in my power,
To change, correct or add to the past;
For neither sages nor prophets could do that.
And so, what the past has embraced I must entrust
to God.

O present moment, you belong to me, whole and entire.
I desire to use you as best I can.
And although I am weak and small,
You grant me the grace of Your omnipotence.

And so, trusting in Your mercy,
I walk through life like a little child,
Offering you each day this heart
Burning with love for Your greater glory.

St. M. Faustina Kowalska

Your Cross

The everlasting God has in His wisdom foreseen from eternity the cross that He now presents to you as a gift from His inmost heart. This cross He now sends you He has considered with His all-knowing eyes, understood with His divine mind, tested with His wise justice, warmed with loving arms and weighed with His own hands to see that it be not one inch too large and not one ounce too heavy for you. He has blessed it with His Holy Name, anointed it with His consolation, taken one last glance at you and your courage, and then sent it to you from heaven, a special greeting from God to you, an alms of the all-merciful love of God.
~St. Francis de Sales


Oh, my Jesus... I thank you with all my heart for the abundant graces you have poured out upon me. I thank you for the precious soul you have chosen to journey with me in this life. May we see one another safely into the arms of the Father for all eternity.

You have given the gifts of Life and Love that have brought us together. We are forever indebted to You. PLEASE be always at the heart of our marriage.

My Jesus, you have entrusted us with this cross of infertility. You are also the source of our strength. Lord, trusting in You, we take up this cross every day and follow You.

If it is in Your will, we ask for the gift to become co-creators with You, bringing into the world a precious soul who will love and serve You for all eternity.

Whatever You will, know that we love You and we trust in You. In all things, may Your holy will be done.


St. Michael the Archangel...

St. Michael the Archangel...
...defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, cast into Hell Satan and all of the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. AMEN.